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We, the Administration-Team of this Site, are always looking constantly for to provide our Members new Content and News about the Forex-Industry. On the other Side, we also want to offer our Business-Partners the opportunity to develop new Activity-Fields and help to acuire new Customers.

Since 2008 on the Market, we have more than 7800 Members, who was writing more than 115K Postings. And we know, that standing still often means a retreatment! For this reason, we renew our whole advertising and marketing concepts.

So today we offering you a new marketing opportunity, that will allow you to show, expand and make your corporate identity more familiar:

The Premium Forex - Broker Board - within the Forexfabrik!

This is a dedicated Board, only designed for you, where you can create as many topics as you want! And if you want, you'll also get full moderation rights!

We will gave you a separate Section, within our Forum, where you can advertise your Company like you want (!) You can inform continuosly your existing and the new clients about:

- Special Actions & Announcements
- Webinars, Seminars oo other current Dates
- News from the Company
- Market- or Chart-Analysis
- etc.

The Set-up of this Premium-Board is according to your wishes:
Only you can post Topics and Posts. Members can read, but cannot post replies or Topis)
If you are looking for a really good way to communicate with your old or next clients you can use this Version! Furthermore, you can use your Moderator-Rights for to hide, edit or delete ANY Posting. All the members are entiled to create Topics, Postings, ask Questions...

Its your Choice!

Additionally, all the topics you are creating, appear in our weekly Newsletter, free of Charge! (Range aprox. 4300 Members, 97% specific reveivers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
Your Company Logo (100 x 30 px) is displayed on your Board, also linked directly to a Site, what you want. The Optical recognition alue is also given!

As a "Sponsor" we will show your Banner (120 x 90 px) at our Landing Page, also. ATTENTION: This offer is limited to the first 5 Registrations according o the Google-Form!

In Addition, you can always advertise your Company on the "Broker-Review" Section. The Entries are made by us, but in consultation with you, as we need more Details about your Broker-Company.


For only 1 EUR / Day we offer you the opportunity to realize all of this, inside the Premium Broker-Board within the most active german speaking Forex Community!

For english based contributions we offer a translations-service: 0,04 €/ct. per Word.

How it works? It's quick and simple!

1. Answer the Questions about your participation in our Google Form

2. A representative of your company is registered as a member (preferably with your company name) here - GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLY! :

3. That's it!

We install your personal Board and contact your representative within 24 hours.

Our 3.1 - Campaign:

The first 3 Brokers get the first month for free !

The bookings are recorded in the order sequence - use our Smart-Response option, and quickly browse to the Google form.


It could look like that:

Eingefügtes Bild

Eingefügtes Bild

Get this !

The first 5 registrations will be given a free advertising space for a banner (120 x 90 px) on the main page of - FREE OF CHARGE !!!

Eingefügtes Bild

You personal contact:

We looking forward to hear from you!

Kind regards,
Peter Schüler & the Team from

Download offer - PDF

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